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Classroom Mosaic
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Ditch difficult forms, shared spreadsheets, and half-baked "solutions." Classroom Mosaic keeps all your school's observations intuitively organized in one centralized place. Your whole team automatically stays efficient and up-to-date.

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Give Feedback

Give more effective feedback & better coaching

Effortless Immediate Feedback

Your feedback is automatically delivered to your teacher's inbox, often before you leave the classroom. Automatic immediate feedback reduces your teacher's observation anxiety and your to-do list. A win-win.

Integrated Async Conversation

Use the dialogue thread to coach your teachers when it is most convenient for both of you without losing instruction time.

Data-Driven Coaching

Use personalized reporting to identify your teacher's individual strengths and areas for growth as well as track their progress on their professional goals throughout the school year.

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Feedback Sent

Classroom Mosaic helps provides crucial feedback to teachers. I have had many teachers stop me and say thank you for the feedback when you were in my classroom. Teachers want to know how to improve, what they are doing well, and to be acknowledged.

- Jennifer, Instructional Coach

Gain Insights

Improve consistency and accountability with reports you'll actually use.

Easily understand your observation data using our custom-built analytics engine and reporting tools.
Observation Tracking. Accurate and real-time stats about the observations happening throughout your school.
Dashboard Widgets
Analytics Query Builder
Strengths and Weaknesses Reporting. Identify areas of strength to celebrate during your next staff meeting and find the topic of your next professional development session based on areas of growth.
Change over time Indicator Dashboard Graph
Instructional Practice Trends. Monitor how your teacher's instructional practice changes throughout the school year and evaluate the effectiveness of the professional development you've invested in.
Observe Effectively

Save time with simplicity.

Classroom Mosaic users report saving an average of 13 minutes per observation compared to what they were doing before switching. Those savings add up quickly. If you did only 100 observations in a year - one every other day - that's almost 3 full work days of time you can use more effectively.

Classroom Mosaic automates all the annoying observation administration and management, so you don't have to bring observation work to your kid's game.

Before Classroom Mosaic

0 min

15 min

30 min

45 min

60 min

With Classroom Mosaic


Observation Time

4 simple rules
 to redefine your relationship with observations

Remove the stress and maximize the effectiveness of classroom observations.
Observe 30 minutes

Rule #1

Spend 30 minutes in classrooms every day.

Invest your time in your school's purpose: teaching and learning. When you focus on instruction, you model your expectations for the rest of your school.

Give Timely Feeback

Rule #2

Give Teachers Immediate Feedback

Maximize your time in classrooms by giving your teachers high-quality feedback before you leave their room. Sounds time-consuming, but Classroom Mosaic makes it just one click.

Track Growth

Rule #3

Drive Instructional Improvement

Review your observation data weekly to celebrate your school's strengths, create PD targeted at identified weaknesses, and monitor your impact through trend reporting.


Rule #4

Lead exceptional teaching and learning

Create a school culture where your teachers are thriving—and look forward to your feedback.

How Classroom Mosaic Works

Discover the impact a better observation process will have on your school.
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Trusted by thousands of instructional leaders across hundreds of schools

"Helps provides crucial feedback to teachers."

"Teachers feel very comfortable with this instrument"

"An effective, easy tool to conduct instructional observations"

"Easier to collaborate with teachers"

"Changed the way I feel about observing teachers"

"Helped me get into more classrooms."

"The data identifies focus areas to support student and educator growth"

"Makes the classroom observation much less cumbersome."

"Helps organize our administrative team"

"Positively impacted my ability to provide itemized coaching"

"Customer Service has been awesome."

"I am now able to provide immediate feedback to teachers."

"Streamlined our observation process"

"Helps administrators to see teaching and learning at a glance in one platform."

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