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Thanks, as always, for the greatest customer service. I love being able to get answers on the same day.

Jessica, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic helps us give quick, specific feedback because we added a list of specific learning strategies to our form.

Joe, Assistant Principal

I love using the app on my phone. As an administrator, I no longer need to carry around my laptop. I always have my school phone with me. If I have a few minutes, I can easily pop into a classroom to observe and give feedback.

Melinda, Principal

This is amazing - excellent tutorials!

Melissa, Coordinator of Educator Effectiveness

Thank you for helping our school--amazing teamwork

Melanie, Principal

It allows us to keep data and discuss the observations and goals we are working on as an instructional leadership team and school.

Melissa, Coach

Being able to use the same platform across our school has increased our consistency.

Sheleea, Principal

Classroom Mosaic keeps us very organized.

Michelle, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic is a productive way to take evidence and score the observation. I can literally walk out of an observation almost completely finished with evidence and scoring. It has made observations so much easier and faster to complete.

Misty, Assistant Principal

I love how it automatically sends the feedback to everyone involved. On top of that, the ability to track and review the data is very valuable.

Joe, Assistant Principal

I like the functionality of being able to track my observations and refer back to them. Tracking observation frequency, duration, and who has already been observed is easy. Also, with Mosaic, I am able to see all data in one spot. It makes it very easy to go back and review data. I also like being able to send teachers immediate feedback electronically.

Rebecca, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic is a useful tool. It allows observers to provide immediate feedback while tracking data that is useful to administrators, teachers, and the school as a whole. It has made our walkthrough observations more focused and easy to manage.

Erin, Principal

The setup is awesome! Thank you so much for making it so easy to switch between schools... I have been singing the praises to other principals so hopefully they will reach out.


Woodleaf Elementary School / Cleveland Elementary School

The instant feedback to teachers has made a big impact to our building.

Morelisa, Assistant Principal

It is a great way to observe what's happening in the classroom and give feedback. It also helps evaluate the needs of teachers that will drive necessary PD's. Accessing it from my phone is the best. I don't have to have paper and pencil and I don't have to lug my computer around. Being able to give immediate feedback and get immediate responses from teachers when you pose a reflection question has had the biggest impact on our school.

Timothy, Principal

I appreciate the ease of tracking observations and immediate feedback to teachers. And it allows observations to be tracked by district without submitting them or recording them in a separate location.

Kori, Assistant Principal

With Classroom Mosaic we are able to collect performance data to plan professional development for teachers.

Florrie, Assistant Principal

What a great tool. Administrators love it and our staff can finally get real data on their classroom instruction. In the next few days we will begin to share this data with our staff on what is going on in their classrooms. Teachers feel very comfortable with this instrument as it is a teacher improvement tool, not an I gotcha tool. I highly recommend it.

App Store Review

The fact that I have observation data at my fingertips gives me the ability to look for trends in observations and provide support to indviduals, grade levels, and/or the entire school if needed.

Julie, Assistant Principal

Wonderful! You all are amazing!

Aubrey, Instructional Technology Facilitator

Classroom Mosaic provides consistency among the entire district, since each school is using this tool. I like the option of being able to compare observations with other administrators. We can see similarities and differences and discuss as a team. As an administrator, it allows us to use the data and feedback to help grow our teachers and help increase student learning and engagement.

Courtney, Assistant Principal

I love it sends comments and feedback directly to teacher, I didn't have that before.

Sandra, Assistant Principal

Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly!!...Thanks again for all of your help!!!

Deborah, Executive Assistant

It is really easy to get in and get out of classrooms with Classroom Mosaic

Jeff, Assistant Principal

Easy, quick and consistent way to provide feedback and collect data.

William, Principal

Classroom Mosiac is a great tool that is relatively easy to use and allows you to see a comprehensive picture of observations and evaluations in an individual school as well as the entire district. I am able to see data in real time across the district and it give me the ability to centralize the data and analyze more quickly.

Kenneth, District Personnel

Classroom Mosaic allows me to effectively conduct observations on a simple-to-use platform. Not only does it send feedback when I’m ready to share with teachers, the company has been able to revise our template to meet our instructional needs. Teachers can conduct their annual SLO and certification requirements all in one place. I am very pleased with the versatility of Classroom Mosaic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tool that does so much more than house instructional observations.

Patrick Newsome, Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary School

22-23 Aiken County Assistant Principal of the Year

Got it!! I love it!! Thanks

Marie, Assistant Principal

I have been using CM for 4-5 years now and love it.

Michael, Principal

We can now look for specific areas throughout multiple classrooms to see patterns.

Malisa, Assistant Principal

I like the way it organizes the feedback for the teacher to see.

Lee, Assistant Principal

It allows us to easily observe teachers and have one place for all the feedback and data. We use it daily to provide feedback to teachers.

Erika, Assistant Principal

I provide more actional feedback during an observation using this tool than previous programs.

April, District Personnel

Classroom Mosaic is a good tool for administrators to collect data on the types of instructional strategies being used in the building.

Brandon, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic has created a more uniformed observation tool for everyone in the district.

Robert, Assistant Principal

I think the biggest impact it has had so far on my school is being able to track teacher progress and then discuss the progress and the things we are seeing in classrooms at an admin team each week. It allows us to set goals for individual teachers as well as for us as a school.

Julia, Assistant Principal

Thanks so much for ALL that you all are doing with this project. Training was AMAZING! Teachers are very excited.

Gina, Coordinator of Educator Effectiveness

The biggest thing Classroom Mosaic has given us is the ability to see trends and patterns over time.

Joe, Assistant Principal

With Classroom Mosaic I can get into classrooms more efficiently and it makes my feedback more effective.

Kristina Ravo, Principal

If I were sharing Classroom Mosaic to a colleague I would begin by asking them what they would like a quick but precise walk-through observation to look like. Based on their responses I feel confident I could tell them that Classroom Mosaic had everything they wanted and more.

Jerry Diviney, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

Classroom Mosaic has changed the way I feel about observing teachers and providing feedback. I am now able to provide immediate feedback to teachers that they can respond to, and I am able to tailor the observation to the needs of that teacher. It also helps our admin team keep up with who has been observed and who we still need to see. Also, being able to complete observations on my iPad makes getting in every teacher a breeze--I simply pull up their name, start the observation, and start typing. It's insanely simple, and because of that I can get a lot more accomplished with a single observation.

Karen Fiery, Assistant Principal

It is an easy platform to use. It is easy to pull reports, and it makes my observations and feedback more effective.

Kristi, District Personnel

You are the best! I appreciate all the work you do for us. You’re product really makes our lives easier.

Shannon, Principal

THANK YOU!!!!! I will be renewing. We love this app.

Penny, Principal

I like how teachers are able to respond directly in the observation. I also appreciate having the reflection questions embedded into the form.

Assistant Principal

Lexington-Richland School District 5

You guys are awesome! You're the real MVP! Yes!! I have sung Classroom Mosaic's praises since I first landed here.

LaQuana, Principal

Classroom Mosaic is an easier and faster way to deliver feedback to the teacher. It can immediately inform our practices across grade levels with the observation tools we are using

Selina, Principal

The checklist we created for each area is very convenient and makes observations easier to conduct. Classroom Mosaic shows us our areas of strength and weakness. It also gives us an indication of how often Admin are getting into the classrooms.

Janel, Assistant Principal

I use it more frequently because it is so easy to use and I love that it saves automatically and I can go back and pick up when I am interrupted.

Melissa, Principal

Classroom Mosaic is a friendly platform, one stop location to house all evals/observations; data collection. I enjoy the ease of documenting observations and the ease of the dashboard; for evaluations, it is more precise in keeping the timeline and user friendly.

Kimbra, Principal

Classroom Mosaic makes it easy to give prompt, purposeful feedback.

Cassy, Principal

Classroom Mosaic is a great organizational and data collection tool for all things evaluation and observation related. Teachers and administrators alike can easily track their progress on tasks. The instant emails to teachers after completing an observation makes it so much easier for reflection on the lesson and provides opportunities to impact student instruction nearly immediately.

Suman, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic is a resource for observing teachers and providing them feedback to improve instruction. It gave us the ability to calibrate with other administrators and the ability to provide specific feedback to our teachers. Now we have 2-way communication with teachers following an observation.

Brandon, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic is very flexible since you can create your own template to meet your individual school needs. I am in rooms more often as I have a goal of 5 rooms a day. It has created the expectation that I will be in the rooms often, not looking for things teachers and students are doing wrong but finding things to praise them for. Being in rooms and visible helps make your building run better.

Travis, Assistant Principal

I appreciate how quickly you respond and adjust the program to meet our needs.

Jennifer, Assistant Principal

Using Classroom Mosaic means more thorough observing, more focused observing, greater ability to process an analyze areas of growth or need, and communication of the entire observation to teachers in a timely and efficient manner. CM doesn't necessarily save me time in writing the observation (in fact, it can take a bit longer sometimes). However, it is more thorough, more focused on important standards, and more organized in terms of my areas of focus, being able to access previous observations, etc.

Susan, Coach

Classroom Mosaic is a user friendly observation portal. This platform allows the teacher to read the feedback from any observer. As the observer, there are different areas of focus. For example, if I want to observe academic feedback then I can rate the amount of questions and the time that the teacher spent on each area. This is a great tool to provide specific feedback to teachers which will increase their teaching practices and overall performance!

Dr. Roslynn D. Elom, Academic Literacy Coach

Classroom Mosaic has helped to streamline my observations. In my last position I had to complete observations on duplicate forms and it was not easy to read for the teachers considering handwriting and the yellow duplicate copies. This program has made it easier to give instant feedback and allows the teacher to leave comments and answer questions concerning the observation.

Ebony Summers-Fogel, Assistant Principal

Thank you very much! It is great to get a quick response with the correct instructions!

Dave, Assistant Principal

The biggest impact Classroom Mosaic has had on our school is now we are able to capture evidence on quarterly instructional focuses and discuss as a leadership/coaching team.

Marcel, Principal

I can give immediate feedback and look at data based on observations now.

Kiara, Assistant Principal

This app has revolutionized classroom observations at my site. I am able to give teachers feedback on their instruction as I walk out the door. The app allows you to create a walk through form that is directly related to your school and the needs of your staff. Classroom Mosaic is a must for all adminstrators.

App Store Review

It has changed the way I do formal observations and lessened the amount of time needed for documentation of evidence. I also like that all the components are in a list that is easy to check for progress and dates.

Essie, Principal

Wow! This is awesome and so nice to have. Thanks!

Paige, Director of Accountability, Assessment, and Professional Development

I am thankful for Classroom Mosaic. This tool has increased my observation efficiency. In addition, as one of the instructional leaders, the data identifies focus areas to support student and educator growth.

Lucius Walker, Assistant Principal

Above all Classroom Mosaic has been a time saver.

Collette, Assistant Principal

It has given us the ability to quickly analyze strengths and weaknesses being observed throughout our building. The dashboard is amazing!

Jordan, Assistant Principal

We are using Classroom Mosaic for the first time and I love it!

Patti, Literacy Coach

I love your tool and use it regularly to evaluate the growth of my teachers as well as to triangulate student growth and teacher growth. This is a dynamic resource!!

Carla, Principal

It makes me more mindful of the frequency of my observations and helps to track data. I like the updates and I believe it improves my ability to interact and assess the class.

Reed, Assistant Principal

An AMAZING support group at Mosaic. Ben and his team have been able to help with teacher requests.

Joanne, Assistant Principal

This is great! Thank you so much for your hard work on this. I really appreciate it.

Sal, Director of Administration

The best thing about Classroom Mosaic is the ability to easily view and share data to set goals and identify areas of need.

Jeanna, Assistant Principal

CM is an easy to use platform that everyone can understand. It is is very clear about dates and deadlines for all involved for 4.0 and SLOs. It is also clear step by step for everyone. And administration (School and District) can see who is observed, the quality of the observation; and details of the observation.

Kristin, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic has increased the reflection from teachers on their classroom instruction and given us the ability to provide feedback that enhances instructional processes.

Vernisa, Principal

This is absolutely amazing!

Gina, Coordinator of Educator Effectiveness

I just love the support you all offer. Just timely and very pleasant to work with.

Timothy, Principal

Classroom Mosaic opens conversations about quality instruction.

Brian, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic allows administrators to provide immediate and meaningful feedback to teachers to help them implement quality instruction for our students.

Daniel, Assistant Principal

It is easy to use and makes compiling information and sending feedback easy.

John, Principal

Classroom Mosaic allows teachers to see the observation criteria we use to observe, and helps us with providing immediate feedback to teachers once we complete the observation. It removes the guesswork in instructional observations.

Dustin, District Personnel

Classroom Mosaic holds educators accountable and provides a tool to address concerns and/or generate conversations. It helps me focus on what to look for and provides structure and keeps track of classroom observations. Classroom Mosaic should benefit the educator if it is used as a tool to grow teacher instruction and celebrate successful lessons. It should also be used by the "observer" to help the teacher reflect on their practice and generate conversation on what worked and did not work.

Lisa Lynn, Coach

We appreciate how you and your team have been very receptive to our requests.

Julie, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools

Classroom Mosaic is easy to use and offers many formats to utilize. It has increased the number of classroom observations I do.

Janis, Principal

It has helped our school identify areas of improvement and target those areas effectively.

Leslie, Principal

Fantastic! Thank you so much, and thank you for being so efficient! That is greatly appreciated!

Tonya, Principal

The best thing about Classroom Mosaic is the observation trend data and a common language and observation platform.

Chad, Assistant Principal

This is an absolutely incredible tool for conducting classroom observations. The easy interface coupled with the simplistic inputs saves administrators and other school and district personnel valuable time and allows them to instantly provide reflective feedback to teachers. Classroom Mosaic is an incredible tool; another one of the must have's for today's progressive school leaders.

App Store Review

I have enjoyed my experience with classroom mosaic. I love that my teachers get immediate feedback. I also love that it aligns with SC Lead.

Emily, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic saves me lots of time, makes my feedback more effective, and the data analysis/breakdown has made an impact on my school.

Jo, Assistant Principal

It is simple and quick to give feedback in a timely manner, and now I do about double the number of observations each week because of the time Classroom Mosaic saves me.

Annette, Principal

Before I started using Classroom Mosaic, I did not have the tool I needed to capture all areas of the learning/teaching environment. Now I can give immediate feedback to teachers and start great instructional conversations. It is easy to do a walk-through, especially now I can use an App.

Linard, Assistant Principal

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly! You all have been incredible to work with!

Mara, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

We love your software! Thank you for creating it!

Susanne, Principal

Awesome!!! We LOVE it! :-)

Patrina, Assistant Principal

Mosaic makes it easy to find good coaching information from our observation data.


Thank you so much for moving on this so quickly!

Maija, Administrative Secretary

It has positively impacted my ability to provide itemized coaching and feedback.

Corey M. Jackson

Classroom Mosaic takes the guess work out of observations. It allows my district to have common rubrics. It also allows the building level administration to see who has been observed and what feedback they received. There is even an APP that can be placed on your devices so you are able to type within the observation as it happens. No need for pen and paper. (Well, you do need a sticky note to leave a positive on.) I highly recommend Classroom Mosaic for its ease and commonality.

Jessica, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic helps me keep my observations organized. It also helps me to effectively communicate with teachers.

Robert, Principal

Classroom Mosaic helps me progress monitor by teacher and provide quality feedback.

Kristi, Assistant Principal

Great tool for administrators! The capability to use your own district template on the iPad makes this a must have. The tech support team is also top notch responding in a timely manner and providing super support for users!

App Store Review

I love being able to use any device to give teachers immediate feedback.

Francina, Principal

The data Classroom Mosaic provides gives us the ability to determine areas of strength and improvement across the district, school, & grade levels.

Breanne, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic helps us provide instant feedback to support teachers and students.

William, Principal

Everyone could benefit from the use of Classroom Mosaic. It is used to open up a dialogue about strengths in the classroom and opportunities for coaching.

Sarah, Coach

Classroom Mosaic has been useful for giving teachers timely feedback to help them grow.

Takela, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic has help us in many ways. It has streamlined our observation processes and made it easier to collaborate with teachers. It is portable and easy to use. Every we had a question or needed help with something the Customer Service has been awesome! You can build the processes how you want it. Overall 10/10!

Corey, Principal

Classroom Mosaic is an effective, easy tool to conduct instructional observations. I really appreciate the data that can be collected and how the platform helps organize our administrative team to ensure we are equally observing all teachers.

Michael Lofton, Principal

Spring Hill High School

Classroom Mosaic makes walkthroughs very quick and easy.

Breanna, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic is a transformative tool that takes observations and walk-throughs to the next level. It helps administrators create a more efficient system where teachers receive real-time feedback immediately upon completion of the observation/walk-through. Additionally, teachers are able to communicate with observers via email (reply) as the feedback goes directly to their inbox, without logging in to the program. Usage of Classroom Mosaic has been a game changer in our district for district administrators, school administrators, and teachers, alike, making our coaching and evaluative process more effective and efficient!

Eugene Bellamy, Jr., Academic Officer for Elementary and Middle Schools

Marion County School District

Classroom Mosaic helps administrators to see teaching and learning at a glance in one platform. We are able to discuss as a team what we are seeing immediately in one platform. We are able to see immediate areas of growth and areas for more support. It is also hlepful to teachers as they are able to receive immediate feedback and opportunities to be celebrated and/or areas of improvement. It gives focus areas when going to complete observations that are aligned with the current observation model.

Jennifer, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic is user friendly and encourages school leaders to observe teachers in a way that aligns with school/district goals. It also gives schools the flexibility that school leaders need when observing teachers. It fosters data-driven leadership and promotes a culture of instructional leadership.

Dr. Brandon R. Ross, Principal

Newberry High School

Classroom Mosaic is the perfect tool for completing walkthrough observations. The designers adapt the tool to provide a tailor-made experience for your school/district. It helps to facilitate feedback conversations that are timely and relevant to the content observed during the walkthrough.

Linard McCloud, Principal

Oak Pointe Elementary

Classroom Mosaic makes the walk through process easier on administrators. Feedback is immediate and can be used to help improve best classroom practice.

Jeff Matthews, Principal

Busbee Elementary

It allows me to look back and see who has been observed in my building and what type of feedback has been given at a glance.

Natalie, Principal

Classroom Mosaic helps us look at school-wide overall data efficiently and purposefully.

Brooke, Assistant Principal

The principals and C&I department love it!

Dannah, Special Programs Manager

Classroom Mosaic is an easy tool that allows the opportunity to strengthen teaching and learning in our school. We use it for both informal and formal observations. The ease is that teachers get immediate feedback. This often opens to door for good "hallway" conversations about instructional practices that work. Observations have become more of a benefit instead of a "gotcha" in eyes of our teachers.

Tim, Principal

If you are a district and/or school leader looking for trends in instruction and trying to standardize your observations with the goal to improve instruction systematically, Classroom Mosaic is the platform for you.

Kristen, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic it saves me time and makes is more efficient. It provides immediate feedback. I don't have to follow up with an email or a conference every single time I observe. It is also an easier way for me to keep track of who I have observed, how many I have observed, and who still needed to be observed.

Jacqueline, Assistant Principal

The best thing about Classroom Mosaic is the ability to track teachers who are being observed, it also saves the information in a format to go back to as a reference and shows who has been observed and who has not. This way, administrators and instructional coaches can see who needs to be observed, or who needs to be observed again (based on feedback given) to provide follow-up feedback in a particular indicator.

Sharon, District Academic Coach

Mosaic helps me keep up with who and when I've observed someone.

Nathan, Principal

Very happy with Mosaic.

John, Assistant Principal

The best part of Classroom Mosaic is the time it saves me on scoring observations. It allows me to know basically what I am scoring the lesson before I leave the classroom.

Misty, Assistant Principal

Being able to document observations more frequently has helped me get into more classrooms.

Matthew, Principal

You have created an excellent product which has worked very well for us.

Vince, Master Teacher

Finally a useful observation app allowing detailed data analysis- My colleagues and I will reignite walkthroughs by providing targeted feedback to teachers enabling them to strengthen instruction and reach more students, more deeply.

App Store Review

Classroom Mosaic is so much more user-friendly than what I have used in the past, and evaluations are a no-brainer with it.

Alisa, Principal

I like the ability to pull data to look for trends/patterns.

Tara, Assistant Principal

THANK YOU! You guys are amazing!

Victor, Assistant Principal

Classroom Mosaic helps provides crucial feedback to teachers. I have had many teachers stop me and say thank you for the feedback when you were in my classroom. Teachers want to know how to improve, what they are doing well, and to be acknowledged.

Jennifer, Coach

It makes the classroom observation much less cumbersome.

Glenn, Assistant Principal

I have used Classroom Mosaic in an elementary school setting with 34 teachers. The 2 things I am most impressed by are the customizable forms and instant feedback that gets delivered to teachers at the conclusion of an observation. With observations delivered via email it has streamlined our process and increased its efficiency.

App Store Review

I can now click one button to send the feedback to a teacher (previously feedback was saved to my hard drive and sent via email). On top of that all observation data is in one place and is viewable by instructional leaders.

Priscilla, Principal

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