Classroom Mosaic FAQ

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What is Classroom Mosaic?

Classroom Mosaic is an easy-to-use platform that makes your observations less of a chore and more effective.

Why should I use Classroom Mosaic?

  1. It streamlines your observations, makes your whole team more efficient, and saves you days of time.
  2. You will give more effective feedback and better coaching to your teachers.
  3. You can unlock the consistency and accountability you’ve been searching for by using observation reports that are actually helpful.
  4. It’s built and supported by a unique company.

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Who built Classroom Mosaic?

Over a decade ago, Classroom Mosaic was founded during a project-based learning class by two high-school seniors.

Today it's powered by a customer-obsessed (in a good way) team. Our primary goal is to help you support, develop, and retain your teachers.

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Who uses Classroom Mosaic?

People just like you.

They are principals, assistant principals, directors, instructional coaches, department heads, district leaders, and more.

They come from public schools, private schools, charter schools, religious schools, universities, non-profits, school districts with 100,000 students, school districts with 150 students, and everything in between.

How much does Classroom Mosaic cost?

We have plans for every observer!

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What do your customers say about using Classroom Mosaic?

In short: “I love it”.

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Does Classroom Mosaic have an app?

Yes! We have an iOS and Android app.

You can download our app on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Silicone based Mac, Android Phone, Android tablet, Chromebook, and Windows 11+ device.

In addition you can access our platform on any device with a web browser.

Can you do offline observations?

Yes! You can use the app to do observations offline. They will sync to Classroom Mosaic servers once you are connected to the internet again.

Still have questions?

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