Form Library Guidelines

Updated: April 13th, 2023

By using the Form Library, you agree to these Guidelines. 

These guidelines do not cover every possible scenario and are designed to offer general guidance on using the Form Library. Classroom Mosaic reserves the right to remove any content or take other restrictive actions at any time.

Our vision

Make effective observation forms and practices accessible to everyone.

You can help us build a community where people worldwide can share and discover effective observation forms and practices by following the these Guidelines.

I will act with integrity, honesty, and empathy.

We expect you to treat others with respect and care. We will not allow malicious, nefarious, hateful, or abusive behavior or content in the Form Library.

Learn more about our Acceptable Use Policy → and Code of Conduct.→

I will respect the intellectual property rights of others

The Form Library is a place for you to share your observation forms with other Classroom Mosaic users. Please don’t publish anything you do not have the right to publish.

Read our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy. →

I will not post content that is inappropriate, abusive, or spam

The From Library is an open and welcoming community for educators worldwide. We will not tolerate any abusive content, behavior, or spam.

Learn more about our Acceptable Use Policy → and Code of Conduct.→

I will not violate others’ privacy, especially teachers and students

Teacher observations are a deeply personal thing and, at times, may contain confidential or personal information. Please verify your published forms do not contain personal or confidential information.

Learn more about our Acceptable Use Policy. →

I will give credit for inspiration and link to any sources

Do not publish or republish another person’s work to the Form Library under your name without meaningful modification or alteration. In addition, if you are using other people's work in your form, you must follow all licensing and attribution requirements.

Learn more about our Acceptable Use Policy. →, and Form Licensing →

Report a violation

Help us keep the Form Library vibrant by protecting everyone’s rights and safety.

If you see something violating our guidelines, please report it. →


If you have questions about the Form Library Guidelines, or believe your form was removed incorrectly, contact us